Sonja Mae


Mountain Air Wellness

B2C Logo, Branding

Mountain Air Wellness B2C Logo, Branding

An SVG logo made for a combination yoga and massage studio. Depicted here is the tadasana pose, also known as the mountain pose.

After discovering their small business' goals, I went about building a basic but recognizable brand identity through using my knowledge of colour theory to create a palette that would inspire a feeling of serenity.

The logo's illustrative elements are the result of creating numerous conceptual sketches, using these as the foundation for illustrating the vector imagery, then further customizing the design as requested. Also involved in this process was handwriting vector typography of the brand name in freehand script.

Day & Night Pysanky

Set of Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Day & Night Pysanky Set of Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Two traditionally-made Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky). Tools used were a kitska, fire, beeswax, and dyes. On the left is a day themed design (sunflowers), and to the right is a night themed design (galaxies).

Look for Different Angles

Photography Collage

Look for Different Angles Photography Collage

LOOK: Uses window-writing markers on a glasses lens. Holding them up at a distance revealed how the lens curvature caused the edges of the observed painting to misalign with its non-distorted borders, capturing the concept of multiple perspectives.

FOR: Made by scavenging pebbles, organizing them on cut out letters, and gluing them down. Since for is a connecting word, the idea here was to make these letters resemble steppingstones, so I laid them down in a garden.

DIFFERENT: Features my childhood collection of differently coloured marbles. To maintain control over their placement I used a shag rug as their backdrop. Each letter is made up of its own marble type. Various loose marbles are scattered.

ANGLES: Letters covered in metallic silver spray paint. I wanted them to be reflective was so that I could create two shades of lettering based on their orientation. The entire word spans two differently coloured walls. Even though the letters are all covered in the same paint, the setup described makes the word look like each half has a distinct colour.

This expression is not only about my approach to graphic design; it also speaks to the pivots taken in my life trajectory. The artboard being very wide and short allows the composition to be read like a normal sentence. Each of the set was shot at a different angle to the others, and each have their word located in a different region of their own photograph.

Colour Blindness

Accessibility Infographic

Colour Blindness Accessibility Infographic

This infographic is the result of researching and compiling information about colour blindness / colour vision deficiencies. My motivation for focusing on this topic wasn't only to help myself learn how to make my own designs accessible to a larger audience, but hopefully also to raise awareness for these considerations among other artists and designers.

Barq's Birch Beer & Root Beer

Product Design, Retro Rebranding

Barq's Birch Beer & Root Beer Product Design, Retro Rebranding

A modern but 60s-inspired rebranding for Barq's, a company well-known for their root beer. Less well-known is that they've also made a range of niche sodas, many of which are now discontinued. One of these still being produced is their birch beer (only distributed in a tiny handful of states in the USA). Their logo even features a birch tree, but they have virtually no advertising for this regional product.

Over the years their slogan has altered from Drink Barq's, It's Good, eventually landing on the current Barq's Has Bite. Since their direct competitor Mug has a dog as their mascot, I feel it unwise to use this slogan. Reverting their slogan to the original acknowledges why their customers like them: heritage and taste.

Blackberry Advertisement

Modernized Rebranding Poster

Blackberry Advertisement Modernized Rebranding Poster

I chose to make a modern print ad for BlackBerry because their real marketing strategy was so ineffective. My ad instead portrays their signature keyboard and original lack of a touchscreen as a selling point, the target audience being people who prefer a mechanical keyboard to a touchscreen.

The phone itself is placed in front of the brand icon on one side and an actual bunch of blackberries on the other, making their product appear more natural.

Luxurious Hand Sanitizer

Product Concept, Branding

Luxurious Hand Sanitizer Product Concept,  Branding

Product packaging and overall concept for a luxuriously moisturizing sanitizer spray inspired by the sophisticated packaging of vintage perfumes. People sometimes describe moisturized skin as glowing, hence the name Luminous. The moisturizing ingredients would also give the spray a delicate aroma of honeyed fruit and florals. In the mockup image are overhanging honeysuckle flowers, lychee fruits piled against the box, and a selection of cut jewels lying scattered across the ground.

The teal glass bottle is shaped like an asymmetrically faceted gemstone. The brand logo has been engraved into the bottle then painted with silver. The back of the inner bottle has a diagonal row of diamonds visible through the dark but translucent front.

Pulling on a silk ribbon attached to the marble-patterned box will slide out the inner compartment. This coral ribbon leads to a larger pop of coral surrounding the bottle. I wanted to design a box that felt exciting to open. The box also has metallic silver ink, embossed text, a vertical row of diamonds, and two enclosing trapezoidal outlines. Hydrating ingredients are right aligned, and scent ingredients are left aligned. Turning the box over, you can see a slightly smaller version of the logo, the ingredients list, directions, warnings, and a range of common cosmetic symbols with opalescent borders.

Subsequence App

Concept, Branding, UX

Subsequence App Concept, Branding, UX

An app for anyone who has so many recurring payments that they find it hard to keep track of them all.

Tasks involved were the production of a logo and brand style guide, which I then used to make UX designs and mockups. Functionality would include tracking when upcoming payments are due, and maintaining a running total of the cumulative amount paid into each subscription over time. Either directly connect to bank accounts and other payment services, or manually input subscription details.

View from a Window

Surrealist Digital Illustration

View from a Window Surrealist Digital Illustration

I was given an assignment in my character design class to study an artist I admire, then to produce a piece influenced by their work. This digital painting was inspired by the distinctive surrealism of Rene Magritte.

Venuses in Blue

Acrylic Painting

Venuses in Blue Acrylic Painting

Personal project inspired by seeing people online claiming to sell a plant variety that doesn't actually exist: the 'blue Venus Fly Trap'.

Mediums used were stickers on top of matte and metallic acrylic paint. Blending together both the matte and metallic paints gives the piece a different effect based on the viewing angle.

NAIT's DMIT Capstone Style Guide

B2B Identity Branding

NAIT's DMIT Capstone Style Guide B2B Identity Branding

A business-to-business brand identity package for NAIT's Capstone Program in Digital Media & IT. This project included three variations on a logo, a brand identity guide booklet, and an example of branded email marketing.

Gold Leaf

Upcycling Restoration of a Tray

Gold Leaf Upcycling Restoration of a Tray

Restoration project of a dilapidated tray using a black and gold leaf design. The medium used was multiple coats of oil paint based markers, making the tray waterproof. Water was what originally caused its metal to start rusting.

2 Chimeras

Surrealist Pencil Illustration

2 Chimeras Surrealist Pencil Illustration

This was a fun exercise in creature design and imaginative thinking.

It was the result of a request from my brother and nephew to bring some particular chimera ideas of theirs to life. On the left is a cross between a tarantula and a panda. On the right is a cross between an orca and a scorpion.

To visually tie these illustrations together by using shared compositional elements, I decided to lean heavily into a black and white colour scheme for both.

Alien Supermodel

Character Design

Alien Supermodel Character Design

Final project for my Character Design class. She was made to be one of the most conventionally attractive people among an insectoid alien race.

Although her entire species is known for their stunning beauty, she herself is exceptionally so, and has a job as an intergalactic model. As carnivores, evolution made their race attractive to lure in prey, but she personally prides herself on being a strict vegetarian and pacifist who has never killed any of her meals.

My specific inspiration for her insect-like features came from the orchid mantis, but I ensured the design was humanoid enough to create my intended effect. Her floating shawl, oversized eyes, and serrated features give her an ethereal air.

Nordegg Historic Golf Course

B2C Logo Redesign

Nordegg Historic Golf Course B2C Logo Redesign

The mountainscape you see here resembles the actual mountains overlooking this golf course. Adding the mountainscape outline expanded on their prior design in a way that focused on the full experience provided to their customers.

The man golfing was a component of the brand's original logo that I was asked to retain in their new design. Keeping him there maintains brand recognition for their existing clientele.

Finally, customizing their wordmark using handwritten calligraphy helps make the typography uniquely representative of their brand.